Ukraine: Democracy under siege

In light of the troubling developments and the significant deterioration of the security situation in Eastern Ukraine, The Oslo Center would like to express its deep concerns about the escalating violence. As a democracy assistance foundation, we stand in strong solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

During these circumstances, it is crucial to emphasize that peace and democracy are universal and related values that coexist in harmony and are prerequisites for stronger societies. TOC will continue to support and work towards Ukraine’s right to a free, just, and equitable democratic society. Ukraine has been engaged in its democratic journey for years, and any attack on its stability and progress is a threat to democracy overall. It is important in these trying times to stand together in solidarity.

We urge all parties of the conflict to meet their obligations under the U.N Charter, international humanitarian law, and the Minsk Agreements. Further, we encourage to pursue immediate peaceful resolution of the situation through dialogue and usage of democratic and diplomatic channels. Global peace and security are cross-cutting issues that are critical to achieving all the sustainable development goals and the protection of civilians.

We give our full support to NGOs and other civil actors who, despite the challenging circumstances, work hard to mitigate the threatening consequences of the conflict.