The President of Club de Madrid to participate at Oslo Center seminar

President of the Oslo Center, Mr. Kjell Magne Bondevik tells the Oslo Center that Ms. Vaira Vike-Freiberga played a key role when the Baltic nations gained their independence from the Soviet Union. She has a long experience of how to lead countries into democracy. From being in exile in Canada, she returned to Latvia where she became president in the period of 1999-2007. The Oslo Center works with democracy support and the experiences she can contribute with are important for the Center’s projects in Burma and Somalia. However, new democracies from all over the world can benefit from her first hand knowledge about democracy development.

– Ms. Freiberga is an international recognized speaker and a fine rhetorician, and I have several times heard her speak, says Mr. Bondevik.

There will also be a panel discussion where Board Member of the Oslo Center US Foundation, John R. Tunheim will participate. He is an expert within the field of legislation in countries which crosses over from authoritarian to democratic system of government. The seminar hopes to promote what the international society can contribute with within democracy development.

There will also be a launching of the book “Political Party Dialogue – A Facilitator’s Guide” which is a collaboration project between the Oslo Center, International IDEA and the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy.

− We are proud to be a part of this book. It is already launched in several countries and we hope it will contribute and play an important work internationally, says Mr. Bondevik to the Oslo Center.

The same day the Board of Trustees will have a meeting where the members will discuss the situation in South Sudan and Somalia.

– This will give the Oslo Center an outside perspective which will strengthen our work with these countries, says Mr. Bondevik.

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