Gravity of the moment!


Yes, a new seriousness has entered the negotiating room. Shortly this country will have a new government, and the coalition partners know they must succeed. To borrow a term from aviation: they know they are now “beyond the point of no return .”

At the same time quivering joy and anticipation fill the atmosphere in the negotiation room. Government power provides opportunities for a new political course and agenda in many areas of society. Candy bowls are on the tables and the atmosphere is still confident and positive. Strained episodes with political disagreements are resolved by open, constructive discussions that sometimes ends with laughter over an apt remark or a good story .

But not always. If the negotiations threaten to slow down or halt because of disagreements, the debate can be more sharp and intense. Now it is important by all means to avoid spreading a bad spirit in the negotiating room. This is the responsibility of the prime minister candidate.Tangles can be solved in several ways: She can suggest a coffee break. The break is used for a conversation in a sofa corner between party leaders, possibly supplemented by some central debaters or advisors. In more intractable situations she may appoint a small committee to propose solutions eg. next day. Anyway, there will finally be a solution. It must be. But it is important that the good, confidential tone of the negotiation room is maintained through all controversies.

While negotiations progress, it is important that the results of the negotiations are anchored in the party organization and the parliamentary group. This work cannot be deferred until negotiations are completed, it must be made along the way. Now a lot of meetings with many participants take place. The press loves this phase because it is almost impossible to avoid some of the results of negotiations leaking out. On the other hand, this phase can also be used by coalition partners of controlled leakage with the address to party friends and sympathizers, this goes well – look what we have achieved!

The 3rd phase is summarized by an important document: The government platform. This platform is not the same as the minutes of proceedings, but sums up the major policy initiatives that have been agreed upon.
Next week: 4th and 5th phase – the government’s virgin and implementation phase.

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