The Oslo Center attended meetings in Rome regarding the project ’A Universal Code on Holy Sites’

The Oslo Center for Peace and Human Rights attended meetings in Rome 5-7 October with their partners Search for Common Ground, Religions for Peace and One World in Dialogue on the project ‘A Universal Code on Holy Sites.’ The purpose was to discuss status and developments in the project. The work on universalizing the ‘Code’ continues, and the plan is to present a final draft on Religions for Peace’ Executive Committee 2-3 November in New York.

The project working group also had the opportunity to meet another group which works on an initiative for protecting holy sites in the Mediterranean area. This work is conducted under the auspices of Professor Silvio Ferrari from the University of Milan, at the request of the Order of Malta. During the meeting with Prof. Ferrari and the Order of Malta, information about the two projects, the status of the work and future plans were exchanged. Similarities and differences in the two projects were discussed. The meeting ended with an agreement to organise a new meeting when both projects documents are close to finalized, early 2011.

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