The Oslo Center at Paris Peace Forum

This November, Paris Peace Forum is being held for the second time. The forum is an arena for global cooperation to find sustainable solutions for peace. The Oslo Center will participate at the Paris Peace forum to introduce the Youth Assemblies – concept.

Paris Peace Forum

Paris Peace Forum is an international event that aims to work towards peace through multilateral work and global governance. The conference is an annual event held in mid-November. By focusing on 6 highlighted themes; peace and security, development, environment, new technologies, inclusive economy and culture and education, Paris Peace Forum wishes to provide necessary measures towards peace. The initiative of the Forum was brought up by French President Emanuel Macron at the Meeting of Ambassadors in 2017. The Forum’s purpose was to both mark the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day and seek to bring together global governance actors in an international open space in order to interact, discuss and generate concrete solutions.

During the 2019 conference 121 projects are chosen to showcase their governance projects. The Paris Peace Forum works as an incubator to advance those projects and illustrates that it is possible to improve the collective response to global challenges in a deteriorated international environment. By the third day of the Forum, 10 projects are selected as Scale-Up projects to receive mentorship and support from the Paris Peace Forum for a one-year period. The Oslo Center is delighted to have been chosen to showcase the Youth Assembly concept as part of the 121 projects.

The concept

The concept of Youth Assemblies is based on the Mombasa Youth Assembly. Mombasa Youth Assembly is a project supported and assisted by the Oslo Center, and is a local initiative started by the youth in the coastal region in Kenya. As the youth in the coastal region of Kenya was not feel like they were heard in their society, and this initiative was started.

Mombasa Youth Assembly (MYA) was established in 2008 and works through consultative parliamentary sessions. MYA hold plenary meetings where issues of concern for the youth all the way from local communities are brought forward and discussed. Thereafter resolutions, action points and recommendations are developed and adopted by MYA, and forwarded to their respective local, county or national representatives, stakeholders and duty bearers. In addition to informing back to the community on the progress and results of the plenary meetings, MYA hold regular consultations with the local youth. The consultations platform is also used as a mechanism for civic education and awareness raising.

The Oslo Center provides support and technical assistance especially related to the development of organizational operational documents, implementation of the Youth Assembly policy cycle, policy development, message development, public speaking, lobbying and advocacy.

Since it was started, MYA is recognized as key actor in Mombasa County and has since 2016 engaged more than 10 000 youth. Click here to read more about the Mombasa Youth Assembly and the Oslo Center’s work.




Pictures from Baraza meeting, policy cycle 3.


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