Board of Trustees

Bjørn Tore Godal (Norway)
Chair of the Board of Trustees
Former Minister of Defence and Former Minister of Foreign Affairs

Ms. Tarja Kaarina Halonen (Finland)
Former President of Finland

Ms. María Elena Agüero (Spain)
Secretary General, Club de Madrid

Mr. Bernt Apeland (Norway)
Secretary General, Norwegian Red Cross

Ms. Ann-Magrit Austenå (Norway)
Secretary General, The Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers (NOAS)

Ms. Shari Bryan (USA)
Vice President, National Democratic Institute

Hon. Kevin Casas-Zamora (Costa Rica)
Secretary-General, International IDEA

Mr. Dag Dvergsten (Norway)
President of Dag Dvergsten AS

Mr. Odd Einar Dørum (Norway)
Former Cabinet Minister of Norway

Ms. Bente E. Engesland (Norway)

Mr. Bjørn Engesland (Norway)
Secretary General, the Norwegian Helsinki Committee

Mr. Ken Godfrey (United Kingdom)
Executive Director, European Partnership for Democracy (EpD)

Mr. Kristian Berg Harpviken (Norway)
Research Professor, PRIO

Mr. Stig Olav Jacobsen (Norway)

Ms. Hilde Frafjord Johson (Norway)
Former Minister of International Development in Norway, former Special Representative of the UN-Secretary General to South Sudan

Mr. Denis Kadima (South Africa)
Executive Director, Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (EISA)

Ms. Ane Hansdatter Kismul (Norway)
Head of Parliament Secretariat, Norwegian Centre Party

Mr. Olav Kjørven (Norway)
Chief Strategy Officer, EAT, former Assistant Secretary-General, Bureau for Development Policy, UNDP

Ms. Bente Knagenhjelm (Norway)
Former Project Manager, Nansen Centre for Peace and Dialogue

Mr. Jostein Hole Kobbeltvedt (Norway)
Executive Director, Rafto Foundation for Human Rights

Ms. Gry Larsen (Norway)
Secretary General, CARE Norway

H.E. Paavo Lipponen (Finland)
Former Prime Minister of Finland

Mr. Sveinung Lunde (Norway)
Senior Advisor, Bjørknes University College

Mr. Eirik Løkke (Norway)
Advisor, Civita

Mr. Ottar Mæstad (Norway)
Director, Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI)

H.E. Göran Persson (Sweden)
Former Prime Minister of Sweden, Former Leader, Social Democratic Party

Mr. Jan Petersen (Norway)
Former Norwegian Cabinet Minister

Mr. Paul Pribbenow (USA)
President, Augsburg College

Mr. James Reimer (Canada)

Mr. Per Saxegaard (Norway)
Founder and Executive Chair, Business for Peace Foundation

Ms. Anne Sender (Norway)
Former Chair of the Jewish Community of Oslo

Mr. Anne Cathrine Uteng da Silva (Norway)
Secretary General, United Nations Association of Norway

Ms. Torild Skogsholm (Norway)
Head of Parliament Secretariat, Norwegian Liberal Party, Former Minister of Transport and Communications of Norway

Mr. Mathias Slettholm (Norway)
Political Advisor, SOS Children’s Villages Norway

Mr. Atle Sommerfeldt (Norway)
Norwegian Bishop, Former Secretary General of Norwegian Church Aid

Ms. Ingrid Stange (Norway)
Founder and Executive Chair, Partnership for Change

Mr. Einar Steensnæs (Norway)
Former Executive Director of the Oslo Center, Former Minister of Petroleum and Energy, and Education of Norway

Mr. Henrik Syse (Norway)
Research Professor, PRIO, Vice Chair, Norwegian Nobel Committee

Ms. Gro Hillestad Thune (Norway)
Norwegian Lawyer, Former Member of  The European Commision of Human Rights

Mr. John R. Tunheim (USA)
Chief U.S. District Court Judge, District of Minnesota

Mr. Didrik Tønseth (Norway)
Diplomat and Lawyer, Former Norwegian Ambassador

Ms. Gerd Liv Valla (Norway)
Former Leader of the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions

Ms. Inger Helene Venås (Norway)
Executive Director, Virke – Enterprise Federation of Norway