Supporting youth in Myanmar

Project status: Archived
Supporting youth in Myanmar


In Myanmar the Oslo Center has through several project phases supported youth to raise, discuss and advocate for issues of their own concern so that they can take active part in the democratic processes of the country.

In 2012, the Oslo center contributed to hosting a youth conference in Kachin State where young people from the state met and discussed issues related to federalism, the ongoing conflict in Kachin and the peace process. Two years later, in close collaboration with the Norwegian Burma Committee, the Oslo center has supported United Nationalities Youth Forum (UNYF) in the establishment of a platform where youth from all over Myanmar can meet and discuss issues related to the political development in the country identified by the youth themselves.

In Myanmar, there is no doubt that youth are not fully included in the democratic process nor in the peace process. For democracy to take root in the country we believe that young people from ethnic and religious divides need to be included, and more important, to be engaged in the processes. In Myanmar, we have seen that youth are not only willing to take part in democratic change, but that they also are more than capable of doing so.

The primary goal and objective of the project has been to involve youth in political and legislative processes. Through the established permanent platforms for youth dialogue, the project aim is to unite youth across ethnic and religious divides, engage them in politically relevant governance issues and thereby contribute to peace and reconcilliation at local and national level.

The Swedish Post Code Foundation has supported the project in Myanmar financially (2013-2016).

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