Democracy Assistance in South Sudan

Project status: Archived
Democracy Assistance in South Sudan


The  goal of the project in South Sudan was to involve youth in political and legislative processes. Through the established Youth Dialogue Forums at State and National level, the project aimed to unite youth across ethnic  divides, engage them in relevant political and governance issues and contribute to  realize peace and reconcilliation at local and national levels.

The Oslo Center has since 2012 worked together with the South Sudan Youth Participation Agency (SSYPA) to strengthen the dialogue mechanisms between the different ethnic groups in South Sudan. The project has, through three project phases, established Youth Dialogue Forums in six (6) of the ten (10) original states. Several Youth Dialogue Forums have been conducted at National level to address important peace and governance issues.

The involvement of the civil society in South Sudan is essential for its democratic development.  As youth constitute almost 70% of the population they are therefore a natural and important target group. The established Youth Dialogue Forums at state and national levels have been recognized by civil society and the government as important platforms for engaging youth in the ongoing democratic developments in the country.

The most important achievement of this project is that the culture of dialogue and reconciliation has begun to take root among the youth through the platforms of the Youth Dialogue Forums. The youth participating in the  Dialogue Forums are now more aware of the importance of dialogue in promoting peace and are  enthusiastic to work together for the democratic development in South Sudan.

The project was supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2012/2013) and the Swedish Postcode Foundation (2013-2016).


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