Democracy assistance in Kenya

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Project status: Active
Democracy assistance in Kenya

The goal of the Oslo Center program in Kenya is to strengthen the democratic institutions and processes and accommodating forums and mechanisms for dialogue.

The Oslo Center, though technical assistance to political parties to comply with the legal framework for policy development and party nominations, and assist in establishing and/or strengthening an inclusive consultative processes within the party on the mentioned issues both at the national and county level. The political and electoral reforms that were introduced by the Constitution of Kenya 2010 require a transition in the way political parties operate. The aim has been to develop, operationalize and strengthen mechanisms for implementation of key legislations including the Political Parties Act, Elections Act, Election Offences Act and Campaign Financing Act. Additionally, creating consensus on the implementation of the same has been a key component, and the revitalization of the Political Party Liaison Committee in 2016 as a major result.

Additionally, the Oslo Center is assisting local initiatives in identifying mechanisms for dialogue, consultations and citizens’ engagement using democratic and peaceful means to address issues of concern and grievances and as a way to prevent youth joining radical and violent groups with a hope of their problems being addressed. This work is being implemented in the coast region.

One of the key activities has been technical assistance to Mombasa Youth Assembly. Mombasa Youth Assembly is a youth initiative where concerns from the youth are discussed and recommendation forwarded to the respective local, county or national actors.

Mombasa Youth Assembly has become a force in the local political debate. The Assembly has developed a sophisticated system for development of policies that involve consultation with and reporting back to the youths in the county.

Additionally, the Oslo Center support local initiatives, for instance school based Peace Clubs, which has contributed to increased knowledge and engagement in how the community can seek local solutions, secure peaceful co-existence and cooperate with local authority.

Sponors/donors: The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Nairobi is financially supporting the project




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