Consensus and Coalition Building in the Parliament of Sri Lanka

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Project status: Active
Consensus and Coalition Building in the Parliament of Sri Lanka

In partnership with the Norwegian Christian Democratic Party, supported by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad), a new project with the Parliament of Sri Lanka was initiated in 2018. The project focuses on strengthening consensus and coalition building in the Parliament. Sri Lanka is likely to continue to have minority-led coalitions in parliament, and experiences from Norway have been
deemed especially relevant for this context. Members of Parliament and key members of the administration traveled to Oslo for a week-long study visit in October to meet their peers at the
Norwegian Parliament and representatives from various political parties, with the aim of identifying
valuable and parallel lessons from the Norwegian context in consensus and coalition building. In-depth workshops provided practical experiences from various countries, addressing cooperation challenges faced in different countries, and presenting how different conflict management mechanisms and rules of
procedure may secure successful cooperation.

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