Concept Development and Guidelines

Project status: Active
Concept Development and Guidelines

Political parties and organizations need to have the capacity to both compete and cooperate. “Political Party Dialogue: A Facilitator’s Guide” – the ultimate guidebook for organizing or taking part in political dialogues.

The purpose of the guide is to explore the party dimension in dialogue facilitation and in particular focus on political party dialogue mechanisms and their various designs, capture practical and political dilemmas faced during political party dialogue and offer a succinct set of key considerations useful for practitioners on the ground.

Political competition is at the center stage in many political and electoral systems with the election being seen as a major event. Often international democracy assistance has focused on “free and fair elections”.

As much as political institutions work in the middle of competition for power and influence it is equally importance to appreciate and acknowledge that a thriving democracy also need political cooperation whether it is for stability reasons (trust), for agreeing on the issues of national importance or the reform agenda.

The Oslo Center is a key partner with International IDEA in a concept development focusing on political party dialogue mechanisms. The first draft of a guide was identified in 2011 looking at international experiences as well as the concept itself.

The Oslo Center also works with academic contributions on themes such as political party identity and cooperation between practical crafting of politics in political parties and parliament.

Download the Facilitator’s Guide here

The Guide book is published in cooperation with International IDEA and NIMD.

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