Coalition and consensus building of political parties in Ukraine

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Project status: Active
Coalition and consensus building of political parties in Ukraine

In cooperation with National Democratic Institute (NDI), the Oslo Center is supporting political parties in strengthening political processes and institutions. Exchanging information and experiences related to coalition and consensus building is one of the projects’ main tools.

The Oslo Center has been working with the political parties in Ukraine since 2015. In a cooperation with NDI, a specific focus has been given to providing the political parties with experiences related to coalition and consensus building from a Norwegian perspective.

Ukraine’s Parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, is in the process of passing important reforms demanded by the Ukrainian people at Maidan. In cooperation with the Ukrainian parliament, the European Parliament developed a “Report and Roadmap on Internal Reform and Capacity-Building for the Verkhovna Rada” (2016). When the report was completed and the Verkhovna Rada adopted all 52 recommendations, the Oslo Center was invited by NDI to cooperate in organizing study missions and seminars highlighting these issues.

Through a range of seminars and trainings on consensus and coalition building, key actors from the Verkhovna Rada are sharing international experiences and best practices from practitioners from other parliaments and governments.

The Oslo Center seeks to assist in building a culture of consensus and trust among the political parties in order for them to promote the reforms requested by the Ukrainian people at Maidan in 2014.

The Oslo Center has participated in consultations and workshops with the political parties, and assist the political parties upon request.  Immediate results have been visible in the form of constructive multi-party meetings.

The Oslo Center is very much engaged in the ongoing reform process in Ukraine. We hope to assisting in equipping the political parties with the tools to overcome political barriers and deadlocks, leading to an improved relationship within and between political parties.

The project is supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kyiv through a subgrant from National Democratic Institute.

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