Pre-study on juvenile executions

The aim of the pre-study has been to map the current situation regarding juvenile executions, politically, legally, socially and culturally, to present an overview of known cases in the period 2008–2010, and to investigate what can be done.

The pre-study has identified a number of potential follow-up projects. One of the key recommendations is to open up a regional perspective, focusing more closely on the experiences and lessons learned from other Islamic countries in the Middle East which also practise executions of minors on the basis of Shari’a law, as well as the ones that abolished such practices. Age of criminal responsibility would be a key issue to look into in such a follow-up study.

Shirin Ebadi initiated this co-operation when she visited the center in March 2010, giving the keynote speech in the Oslo Center seminar in 2010. Despite the main focus being on Iran, the discussion and analysis of the Iranian cases also has relevance for other countries that carry out juvenile executions based on Shari’a law, such as Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

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