Democratization in Norway

Based on numerous democracy indexes from the last decade, Norway is one of the most solid democracies worldwide. In this regard, Norway holds an important and crucial position regarding cooperation for democratic development. However, it is important to remember that democracy is a process and not a status. All democracies will always encounter change and challenges, including Norway.

Through the last years, the world has experienced several trends that affect democracy, such as digitalization and climate change. Digitalization has granted several opportunities for the democratic space but also threats to its state and resilience. To have the ability to face these challenges, it is fundamental to put these topics on the agenda so we can learn, adapt and grow. We at the Oslo Center wish to bring awareness and attention to the democratic challenges digitalization and environment brings to the Norwegian agenda. As one of the most stable democratic countries in the world, we carry the responsibility to keep developing and strengthening our own democratic practices through partnerships, research and policy dialogue.

Norway is also in a good position to provide support to other places in the world to assist with democratic backsliding. As part of our work, the Oslo Centerseeks to encourage debate and action for democracy support internationally by contributing to Norway’s commitment to the UN’s sustainable goals, particularly goal 16 that addresses– peace, justice, and strong institutions. The opportunities for cooperation on democracy support within political institutions and political processes are abundant. We at the Oslo Center aim to engage more debates and create avenues for Norway to partake in international collaboration to strengthen democratic practices.

Areas of engagement

• Democratic Digitalization

• Nordic Democratic Collaboration

• Green Democracies

• Nordic Model


In October, Forum 2000 Foundation hosted its 25th annual conference, with this year’s topic: “What now? Building Back Democratically” in Prague. The Oslo Center together with experts from around the world participated in discussions on some of the biggest issues within democratization, such as digitalization, autocracy, and reduction of civic space.

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