Lamu Youth Assembly

Youth Assembly

Through the Oslo Center’s concept, Youth Assemblies, we aim to create a platform that enhances youth participation in politics and identifies the citizen’s needs. In Lamu, one of the most marginalized communities in Kenya, the Youth Assembly dialogue forum, also known as baraza, has raised the issues of challenges within the education sector. It has been identified and discussed how the limited access to existing resources and future opportunities impacts the youth and community negatively at large. As a result, the Youth Assembly members have assisted 200 high school graduates to access existing national government University scholarships. Their ability to articulate these challenges and lobby key decision-makers, have led to the adoption of the amendment bill of Lamu bursary fund Act 2019. This has further led to an introduction of affirmative action to support students from the marginalized community across all levels of education. Through the deletion of support and acknowledgment to youth admitted in public Universities, being replaced with support to any recognized Universities, thousands of deserving youth that would have been locked out stand to benefit. In addition, two Assembly members were appointed to the bursary fund implementation committee in the county to ensure the inclusion of youth perspectives.The interest, determination, and vision of creating a more accessible education system by the members of Lamu Youth Assembly has provided a fundamental process for the development of the education sector for all citizens.