International Democratization

The Oslo Center contributes to promoting and encouraging democratic values and pillars through policy dialogue, partnerships and research. To help government and political institutions perform with the highest level of integrity, responsiveness, accountability and transparency, TOC will put a deeper focus on collaborations and research as of 2022 to assist the body of knowledge and understanding democracies face today.

Seen by the Arab Spring, Black Lives Matters and the increased number of anti-government protests, democracy is being questioned and tested. Previously unrepresented voices are becoming more visible through new levels of education, technologies and means of communication. The majoritarian method of representation and symbolic elections are receiving more pressure to be truly inclusive, responsive and accountable.

Social fragmentation lead by populist agendas polarise the perception of each other and national visions, creating weaknesses in the social and political fabric. Autocratic attempts and control of information, new technology and power further diminishes the respect and responsiveness of citizen rights. In the midst of these challenges, discussions around democratic ‘renewal’ and strengthening seek to bring new perspectives and solutions to create further unity, collaboration, inclusive representation and democratic governance.

The Oslo Center’s mission is ultimately to support the development of democracy, and through this, contribute to a more peaceful and democratic world built on solid democratic constitutions, practices, institutions and legal frameworks.

Areas of engagement

• Global Democratic Cooperation

• Renewal of Democracy

• Women in Politics

• Democracy Assistance

Latest Updates

In October, Forum 2000 Foundation hosted its 25th annual conference, with this year’s topic: “What now? Building Back Democratically” in Prague. The Oslo Center together with experts from around the world participated in discussions on some of the biggest issues within democratization, such as digitalization, autocracy, and reduction of civic space.
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