Global Democracy Coalition Forum

On the occasion of Biden’s Global Democracy Summit, the Oslo Center together with 47 democracy organizations has taken part in organizing a coalition – Global Democracy Coalition, convened by International IDEA, to promote democratic initiatives. In this coalition, we took the opportunity to create a forum on December 7. where experts and practitioners discussed the most important democratic topics the world is facing today. The main aim of the forum was to lead up and facilitate the conversations on Biden’s Democracy Summit. Additionally, the forum provided for a space to discuss challenges, opportunities, and democratic solutions to peace-building processes.

As a contribution to the Global Democracy Coalition Forum, the Oslo Center hosted a webinar – Afghanistan: Democratization and Responsible Exiting. Among the topics highlighted in the conversations was how the international community in the past focused on a westernized democratic model, rather than building a model that reflected the reality of the society in the country. The necessary approach in Afghanistan is as for every country, depending on a tailor-made approach, as there is not a recipe for democratic success. The discussions focused further on the international community’s role in creating broader collaboration and engagement. This includes a stronger collaboration with pro-democracy forces and civil society in Afghanistan. Through a broader involvement of partners, possibilities for creating a democratic model that reflects Afghanistan open. Further, the international community will stand stronger with a plan and roadmap of the democratization processes. Without a plan, there is no solution. The roadmap creates the opportunities for commitment and foresight to be established which are keys for achieving a sustainable democratic society.