Future of the Nordic Model

During the Oslo Innovation Week 2021, our Executive Director Karolina Olofsson participated as a moderator for a panel discussion called “The Future of the Nordic Model” on the 28th of September.
The panel brought together professionals from various fields to discuss how the Nordic Model contributes to value-driven innovation, including how it leads society into a more ethical and responsible direction. The speakers contributing to this discussion were Einar Kleppe Holthe, CEO and founder of Natural State, Marthe Haugland, Senior Innovation Advisor for Nordic Innovation, and Malin Frithiofsson, Programme Manager for Startup Norway and President for Women in Tech Gothenburg.

There are other models of innovation such as the Silicon Valley one, which worldwide entrepreneurs and policymakers alike have aspired to recreate as the perfect ecosystem for innovation. But Silicon Valley is no longer the only global paradigm for innovation. The Nordic Model offers a unique environment for socially responsible innovation that looks beyond narrow financial return.

The conversation was filled with insightful perspectives about the importance of innovation and how it can improve societies through ethical and responsible processes. We also heard about how innovation and ethical processes are connected to the Nordic Model, including its future.