Executive Director

The Executive Director of the Oslo Center is responsible for the planning, organisation and direction of the foundation. Ensuring a strategic direction, the ED provides leadership and support across all our operations and programmes in Norway and abroad. In June 2021, Karolina Olofsson, our first female ED was appointed. She is a governance and democracy professional with 15 years of experience in international development. Her work particularly focuses on the integration and hybridity of democratic systems in national institutions to assure budgetary and political answerability and enforcement. Read more

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body that ensures that the Oslo Center fulfills its mission, and keep our promises to donors, partners, and beneficiaries. They are responsible for the strategic vision and overall evaluation of our organization’s activities. As the guardians of the Oslo Center, they ensure that the foundation meets its legal responsibilities and operates in accordance with national laws, maintaining a high ethical integrity, and accountability, two important organizational values for us. The Board of Directors also provides financial oversight to ensure sound financial management. They are in charge of hiring and overseeing the Executive Director. Their work is volunteered and conducted through regular board meetings where they deliberate and vote on diverse topics related the Oslo Center’s strategy and management. Read more

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is an advisory council formed by invited well-known individuals from Norway and other countries with relevant expertise and diverse backgrounds. The appointed members represent the different stakeholders, such as the people we support, and carry out the mission of the Oslo center, incorporating our view on democracy and democratic governance. In addition, the Board of Trustees assists in managing our foundation by evaluating our current work and providing timely advice on the Oslo Center’s strategy and plans. The members also make part of meeting to discuss specific topics of interest for our organization based on requests. Read more
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