Democratization in Norway

Based on numerous democracy indexes from the last decade, Norway is one of the most solid democracies worldwide. In this regard – Norway holds an important and crucial position regarding cooperation for democratic development. However, it is important to remember that democracy is a process and not a status. All democracies will always encounter change and challenges, including Norway. Through the last years, the world has experienced several trends that affect democracy, such as digitalization. Digitalization has granted several opportunities for the democratic space but also threats to its state and resilience. To have the ability to face these challenges, it is fundamental for similar topics to remain on the agenda. Thus, we can all learn, adapt, and grow from these processes. We at the Oslo Center wish to highlight these conversations to put them on the Norwegian agenda. As one of the world’s most democratic countries, we carry the responsibility to create open and inclusive dialogues to strengthen the awareness of democracy among both the country´s politicians and the citizens.

For the last 15 years, the global state of democracy has encountered backsliding. For a solid and established democracy like Norway, one sits in a leading position of responsibility to assist to these challenges. Thus, global collaboration is crucial. The Oslo Center, therefore, wants to contribute to Norway´s ability to take a greater part in both the debate and action for democracy support internationally. Our goal with democracy work in Norway includes increasing the focus on democracy assistance based on the power of action Norway inhabits. As the UN’s sustainable development goal 16 – peace, justice, and strong institutions is recognized as a prerequisite for achieving the UN’s 2030 agenda, it is vital that Norway actively participate in the forefront for the world to achieve the goal. The opportunities for cooperation on democracy support within political institutions and political processes are abundant. We at the Oslo Center aims, therefore, to engage more debates and to create avenues for Norway to partake in international cooperation on democracy assistance.