Demands for Ceasefire in South Sudan

At the Catholic Cathedral in Juba 2013. Photo Håvard Kleppa, the Oslo Center
At the Catholic Cathedral in Juba 2013. Photo Håvard Kleppa, the Oslo Center

Representatives of the member organizations in Sudan Forum in Norway agree on the following statement:

  • A ceasefire under international observation has to be in place immediately, and the negative propaganda done by both parties against each other also have to stop immediately.
  • It is of utmost importance to get started with the humanitarian assistance and protection of children and the now more than 413 000 internally displaced persons who are suffering and are in urgent need of assistance. On this basis we call on the Government to further increase the humanitarian aid to South Sudan. The situation is also precarious for refugees who have crossed the borders to Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya. This is a conflict that may also have regional consequences.  It is important that the negotiations in Addis succeed.
  • Representatives of the civil society, women, youth and church leaders, etc. must have their rightful place in all negotiations that seek to bring reconciliation and that try to find the way forward to further development and peace in South Sudan.

The member organizations will in the time ahead, strengthen the internal communication among themselves in order to have the best possible knowledge and factual basis for the effort in South Sudan. The Sudan Forum is also requesting that the government at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to take an active part in the Sudan Forum.

The Sudan Forum is a meeting place between the various organizations that are active in Sudan and representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Following organizations support the statement:

ADRA Norway, Amnesty International, Caritas, Christian Michelsen Institute, Norwegian Refugee Council, Norwegian Council for Africa, Norwegian Church Aid, LHL International, Norwegian People’s Aid, Plan Norway, PRIO, SOS barnebyer,  Strømmestiftelsen, Save the Children, Support group for Sudan and South Sudan, Oslo Center for Peace and Human Rights.

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