Consensus Building in Somalia

Foto: Somali National TV The Oslo Center President Kjell Magne Bondevik and Program Manager Cecilia Bylesjo in Mogadishu.  Photo: Somali National TV[/caption]

The Speaker of the House of the People, Hon. Mohamed Osman Jawari,  received Bondevik and his team at Villa Somalia. The speaker thanked the Oslo Center team for hosting the parliamentary delegation in  Oslo this April, during the study tour mission, and cited how they particularly gained on consensus building covered by Mr. Bondevik.

Bondevik took the chance to complement the success the parliament reached under the leadership of Jawari within the hard conditions that existed in the Somali politics. The success highlighted by the Bondevik included: parliament scrutinizing and latter approving the annual budget, establishment of parliamentary committees, and establishment of rules of procedure.

The speaker cited future plans of the parliament which included: first reading and reading of the constitution; constitution review with timelines, the setting up of electoral commission and commission on boundaries and federal issues as well as reconciliation commission and the human right commission.

Requests from the Prime Minister

Bondevik informed the PM that this trip is his 3rd visit to Somalia and how he was impressed by the changes gained since his last visit, he highlighted the many hotels and shops opened along the street.

Moreover, Mr Bondevik shared his experience of seven years premiership, whereby he stressed the need to do informal meetings and the importance it has for team building within the cabinets.

The Prime Minster,  Shirdoon welcomed the Oslo Center team and mentioned the fact that they are ready to learn from the Oslo Center team. He said he would like to learn on how to make human relations, capacity building for both the council ministers and the PM office staff

Besides, the PM insisted on the continuation of the good collaboration between Norway and Somalia.

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