Catastrophic consequences in South Sudan

– I am very worried that SPLA/SPLM now will split up into ethnical factions, and that this will develop into an ethnical conflict with all the catastrophic consequences that might follow, says the executive director at the Oslo Center.

- The fear of the future for the young nation South Sudan is great, says the executive director at the Oslo Center, Tore Torstad. Foto: Håvard Kleppa
– There is a strong fear for the future of the young nation South Sudan, says the executive director at the Oslo Center, Tore Torstad. Foto: Håvard Kleppa

There is a strong fear that civil war will break out in South Sudan, where Riek Machar and his followers has challenged President Salva Kiir to obtain the power. The power struggle has developed into a violent ethnical conflict, where several thousand has been killed and over 200 000 has been driven on the run over the past few weeks.

There where shootings night to Monday in the capital Juba. At the same time negotiations started in Addis Abeba, the capital in the neighboring country Ethiopia

– It is important that the negotiations in Addis Abeba between followers of Salva Kiir on the one side, and the opposition with Riec Machar on the other coms soon to an agreement to stop the violent actions. Further discussions about political solutions have to wait, says Tore Torstad. Torstad has as one of very few foreigners stayed continuously for five years in Sudan / South Sudan, and knows the country well.

– Salva Kiir’s political opponents which is now imprisoned or is intern in Juba must as soon as possible be released and retain their political work again. Rumors have it that these are being tortured and that is of big concern, says Torstad.

South Sudan was until 2011 a part of Sudan. The independence came after several decades of war, and the joy in South Sudan was great when the country finally gained their independence. Sudan’s President Omar al Bashir came Monday to South Sudan for conversations the conflict in young nation with President Salva Kiir


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