On the 19th of August, the Oslo Center participated in Norway´s largest political gathering Arendalsuka with our panel debate, “Who owns democracy? Collaboration between private, civic and public sectors”. We invited interesting panelists representing different sectors, discussing how their respective sectors contribute to the protection and strengthening of our democratic values.

The panelists joining this important conversation were Hanne Skartveit, Political Editor in VG; Karolina Olofsson, Executive Director at The Oslo Center; Odd Einar Dørum, former Parliamentary representative; and Kristine Beitland, Executive Director for Corp. Affairs in Microsoft Norway.
Our first panelist Hanne Skartveit provided interesting and insightful perspectives to the conversation. She underlined the significant role and responsibility of a free press in a well-functioning democracy. Additionally, our Executive Director Karolina Olofsson provided meaningful perspectives on the ownership of democracy, accountability, and the responsible actors within a democratic society.
Dørum underlined the role of the citizens as the primary owners of democracy as well as the importance of not taking our democratic values for granted, but rather continuously fighting for them. Beitland emphasized the crucial responsibility of the technology sector to protect democratic institutions and human rights.

To summarize, the panel discussion brought up insightful and meaningful perspectives on the owners of democracy and the importance of cooperation between the private, civic, and public sectors to protect and maintain our democratic values.