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The Oslo Center is an independent non-profit organization working in the fields of democratization and democratic governance. We promote and enhance democratic practices by strengthening political and government institutions. Through collaborative partnerships, we contribute to the development of democratic systems that are more responsive to citizen needs, respecting their meaningful and inclusive participation, human rights, and dignity.

Words Matter! conference:
Tackling the impact of hate speech

Hosted by The Oslo Center, the upcoming Words Matter! conference will bring together global leaders, researchers and community advocates to discuss and explore ways to combat hate speech, hate crimes, and the exploitation of youth. 

Take part on 30th April 2024, in Oslo, Norway.

Programme Area

Youth Inclusion

Youth Assemblies have given youth the platform to influence national policymakers and local level policies


Political representation of youth, women and other minorities is an essential part of sustainable democratic governance

Gender Mainstreaming

The Empowering Women in Politics program, running since 2019, engages women by enhancing their capacity

Women and Youth in Democracy

Accountability Hubs - Women & Youth in Democracy


The Oslo Center is proud to present our Annual Report 2021!

With the ongoing democratic erosion, the work of promoting and supporting democratic values becomes more crucial than ever. Despite a challenging year, The Oslo Center has continued its meaningful journey of democracy assistance by demonstrating adaptability, resilience, and determination.

During 2021, TOC has undergone an organizational transition, including a new visual identity, website, and strategy. We have throughout the year laid new foundations, to strengthen and enhance our mission and vision.

We stay proud and humble of our unique opportunity to work with democracy assistance and would like to thank everyone for your support.

Discover the report, here.

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