Promoting inclusive, accountable,
and representative democracies

The Oslo Center is an independent non-profit organization working in the fields of democratization and democratic governance. We promote and enhance democratic practices by strengthening political and government institutions. Through collaborative partnerships, we contribute to the development of democratic systems that are more responsive to citizen needs, respecting their meaningful and inclusive participation, human rights, and dignity.

Programme Area

Youth Inclusion

Youth Assemblies have given youth the platform to influence national policymakers and local level policies


Political representation of youth, women and other minorities is an essential part of sustainable democratic governance

Gender Mainstreaming

The Empowering Women in Politics program, running since 2019, engages women by enhancing their capacity


The attack on Ukraine and the global security response that follows constitute a major turning point for European democracy. Together with our partners, The Oslo Center has participated in the development of “10 recommendations for a European democratic response ». In this statement, we wish to highlight the prevalence of democracy and human rights, within the European space, as key approaches to the resolution of this war. Alongside, we advocate for making democratic values the cornerstone of European strategic governance. To read the statement, click here.

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